Shanghai Dianpu River Planning

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Shanghai, China


Iconic Projects, Masterplan

Awards First Prize, Design Competition


East China Shanghai

First Prize, Design Competition

The developmental aim of Shanghai is to become the “water metropolis of the East” by the end of the 21st Century. The Huang Pu River with its central geographical location will become the major waterway image for this international metropolis. The Su Zhou River will demonstrate the waterscape vision of the new Shanghainese metropolitan living culture.

Based on the site attributes and functional analysis, the design suggests that the Wai Huan Xi River and the Dian Pu River should develop into a “cultural poetic avenue” that displays the culture of Jiang Nan (the southern bank of the Yangtze River) through sensitive urban planning and the linking up of a series of poetically related riverside parks and landscaped verandas to form a unique waterscape of the Jiang Nan Region. The waterscape from Huang Pu River through Su Zhou River and to Wai Huang Xi River will display the threelayered culture connotations of the global, Shanghainese and Jian Nan Culture in the “water metropolis of the East.”